Hard Liquor May Boost Heart Health

A new study finds that vodka may have similar benefits to wine when it comes to protecting your ticker.


While vodka isn't exactly a health drink, sipping it in moderation may help protect your ticker just as a glass of red wine might.  

A study published in Circulation measured the relationship between heart health and booze. Researchers compared the effects of both red wine and vodka on the cardiovascular system. It turns out that both beverages increased the blood flow to the heart and raised HDL (the good kind of cholesterol), which can help prevent atherosclerosis and other problems with the arteries. 

How it works:

  • Red wine dilates blood vessels, which allows for more oxygen to your ticker.
  •  Vodka causes collateral vessels to develop, which provide more pathways for oxygen, and lower risk of hardened arteries.

While both boozy drinks offer heart-healthy benefits, the red wine still comes out on top.  A glass of wine offers more anti-inflammatory properties because it’s chock-full of a plant-produced antioxidant called resveratrol that helps boosts health and wards off disease.

Moderation is still key, so don’t overdo the drinks because it will only negate any potential health benefits by raising your blood pressure. That's no more than two alcoholic beverages a day for guys. Quick tip: Go for a glass of Californian pinot noir to get the most health benefits this type of vino is high in resveratrol. 


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