Mike Simone

Mike Simone is a media strategist, content producer, marketing consultant, and on-camera personality. He's the creator of the fitness-lifestyle brand, HUMANFITPROJECT, the Morning Rep, and is the Digital Director for MEN'S FITNESS.

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Gut Check #1 The routine you need after loading up on too much stuffing.
Gut Check #2 The food binge workout will shred off all the seconds and thirds.
Stress Buster The feel-better-after-a-workout workout.
No Guilt Go ahead and eat like a monster, you can work it off after.
Calorie Bomb The workout for when you ate too much.
Sweet Revenge You can have your cake and burn it too.
Going Hard Both in and out of the gym.
Food Coma The workout to keep your body alive.
Change is Good Three variations to three of your favorite exercises.
Inner Beasts Three imaginative ways to get scary strong and shredded.