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Shawn Radcliffe is a freelance writer and yoga instructor, with a penchant for understanding the world through words. He writes health, science, and medical content for and other websites, along with universities and the occasional small business.

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Even Moderate Alcohol Consumption Has Dementia Risk In a new study, moderate drinking was linked to a risk of memory loss and other mental problems.
Physical Inactivity Kills! … As Much as Smoking Premature deaths and obesity in the world are due, in part, to sedentary lifestyles.
Skinny Jean Dangers Are you into the skinny jean fad? Two very important reasons to trade them in for baggy fit instead.
NYC’s Trans Fat Ban Leads to Better Eating After the ban, diners eat better at fast food chains throughout the city.
Walking Speed May Signal Alzheimer’s Risk Changes in gait could be early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
Electric Fans Might Do More Harm Than Good To stay cool this summer, turn off the electric fans at higher temperatures, says new scientific review.
FDA Approves the First HIV Prevention Drug A true medical breakthrough! Truvada has been shown to reduce the risk of HIV infection.
Fertile Women Hotter on the Dance Floor A woman's cycle affects how hot you think she looks on the dance floor.
Quick Tip: Eat Less With Smaller Portion Sizes Cutting up high-calorie foods into smaller pieces could help you lose weight.
Sugar Substitutes May Help You Stay Healthy Artificial sweeteners for weight loss work only if you watch what you eat.