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Shawn Radcliffe is a freelance writer and yoga instructor, with a penchant for understanding the world through words. He writes health, science, and medical content for and other websites, along with universities and the occasional small business.

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Sugar Substitutes May Help You Stay Healthy Artificial sweeteners for weight loss work only if you watch what you eat.
Quick Tip: Live Longer by Sitting Less A new study estimates the impact of being sedentary—sitting and watching television—on U.S. life expectancy.
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Men May Be More Prone to ACL Injuries Men account for more ACL injuries and repairs than women.
Mental Stress Slows Exercise Recovery Exercise can relieve stress, but a new study shows that too much stress can impede your post-workout recovery.
Women Look Over the Counter to Boost Sex Drive With no female Viagra in sight, many women turn to over-the-counter drugs.
FDA Approves New Home Test Kit for HIV The rapid test could encourage people to seek earlier medical care.
Maintain an Ideal Body Weight With Energy Balance A healthy weight requires you to focus on both food intake and physical activity.
Your Internet Use Can Signal Depression How you surf the web provides clues to whether you have depressive symptoms. Find out how.