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Shawn Radcliffe is a freelance writer and yoga instructor, with a penchant for understanding the world through words. He writes health, science, and medical content for and other websites, along with universities and the occasional small business.

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Social Status Boosts Immune Systems A study in baboons found that higher social status is linked to better health.
How to Survive Barefoot Running: Take It Slow Avoid injuries by making the switch to barefoot running gradually.
Pomegranate Juice is Full of Hot Air The company that makes POM pomegranate juice used deceptive advertising.
Eating Habits: Healthy at Breakfast, Junk Food at Night We start our days with a healthy breakfast but move toward unhealthy food at night.
Playing Sports Helps Maintain Bone Density Sports like basketball, volleyball and soccer could protect against bone loss in young men.
Panel Advises Men Against Prostate Cancer Testing Weighing the risks and benefits, a government panel finds that routine prostate cancer screening is not needed for all men.
Quick Tip: Eat Better By Keeping Healthy Foods Close Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables by keeping them visible and nearby.
Why Baby Boomers Need to Get Tested for Hepatitis C CDC proposes that Americans born between 1945 and 1965 get tested for hepatitis C.
Can Red Meat Harm Your Brain? Saturated fats found in red meat are bad for the heart and may also decrease your brain function.
Edible “Stop Signs” Control Overeating Visual cues that indicate serving size in snack food could help you avoid eating too much.