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Shawn Radcliffe is a freelance writer and yoga instructor, with a penchant for understanding the world through words. He writes health, science, and medical content for and other websites, along with universities and the occasional small business.

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Live Longer By Drinking Coffee In addition to a caffeine buzz, one of the benefits of drinking coffee may be a lower risk of death.
You Can Eat Healthy and Cheap Good healthy foods can cost less than junk food, says USDA report.
The Genetics of Success Success in life depends upon personality traits that are heavily influenced by genetics.
Sugar Makes You Stupid In addition to causing weight gain and diabetes, high-fructose corn syrup may affect your memory.
People Judge Trustworthiness By Appearance We trust people with our money based more on their looks than their reputation.
Low-Cal Slurpee Hits 7-11 Stores 7-Eleven's Slurpee Lite offers all the brain-freezing fun, with half the calories.
Quick Tip: Depressed? Take a Nature Walk A short walk in nature may help people with depression focus and remember better.
Talking About Yourself is Like Sex A new study confirms what reality TV show producers figured out long ago—we get off on self-disclosure.
Ovulation Affects a Woman's Choice of Mate Ovulating women go for the bad guys.
1 in 6 Cancer Cases Caused by Infections Preventable infections cause 2 million new cancer cases a year worldwide.