The Best Style Breakthroughs for March 2014

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The Best Style Breakthroughs for March 2014

Are women really judging you on what you wear? Find out the study-based answer here.

When prepping for a date, you probably don't worry about the color of your pants - but maybe you should. A poll of 1,300 women found they form fast opinions based on the hue of guys' trousers. For example: Khaki says you're rich and would be a good catch. Bright shades show creativity but may send an "I'm just hooking up" signal. Dark colors suggest you enjoy life's finer things; and green means you travel - but may be too broke to afford it. No word on what wearing jeans says, but if they're holy or acid washed, we're pretty sure it's "I'd like to get home early."

Source: Barley & Britches

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