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Keep food out of plastic to keep chemicals out of your body.
Stop Smoking for a Better Mood
Quitting smoking could ease depression.
New research reveals that you can contract lyme disease from unprotected sex.
The U.S. is home to 13% of the world's fat population.
Nine out of 10 Wikipedia health entries contain errors.
New research says your weight may be to blame.
The actor is now urging fans to use sunscreen.
Health advice from the world's oldest man.
Placebos Actually Work
Harvard study proves the power of placebos.
Here's how to cool off the right way.
healthy meals
You're more likely to adapt healthier habits during one half of the week versus the other.
Turns out, bacon's bad for baby-making.
skeleton smoking
New study shows negative health effects of "light" smoking.
beer and medicine
The combo could increase your risk for kidney disease.
Can swishing with oil actually keep your teeth healthy?
This cooking method fights cancer.
energy drink
Energy elixirs may cause depression and anxiety, says new research.
Man taking it easy.
Plus more of today's top health and science headlines.
Plus more of today's top health and science headlines.
Man listening to and enjoying music.
Plus more of today's top health and science headlines.