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Even without extreme dieting, eating low-fat foods leads to healthy weight loss.
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At some point, extreme workouts may do more harm than good.
To break a smoking habit, try supportive text messages.
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Ever get knocked out, mid-play? A new study reveals just how serious head trauma from contact sports can be.
A new prostate cancer study clouds the debate over whether or not you need to be screened.
Two handfuls of walnuts a day could keep your little swimmers on the move.
Older fathers more likely to pass on genetic mutations to children.
Cutting back on lying—including white lies—could improve your health today.
A slow metabolism may not be the cause of obesity in Western countries.
Nighttime exposure to light from computer screens and TVs could lead to depression.
In a new study, moderate drinking was linked to a risk of memory loss and other mental problems.
Exercise can relieve stress, but a new study shows that too much stress can impede your post-workout recovery.
The rapid test could encourage people to seek earlier medical care.
New guidelines recommend that doctors calculate BMI of all patients.
Getting older doesn’t mean you have to put up with declining testosterone.
Inflammatory bowel diseases could be the result of diets high in saturated fats.
Sports like basketball, volleyball and soccer could protect against bone loss in young men.