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Eating clean shouldn’t mean deleting carbs from your diet, or subsisting on hard-boiled eggs and protein shakes. It’s all about eating what you love in a healthy way. Get the goods on how to create or modify a nutrition plan to reach your health and fitness goals.
Countries that consume the most black tea have fewer cases of type 2 diabetes.
Eating too much salt can still increase your risk of heart disease.
From smoothie successes to blender blunders, we want to know: What goes into your post-workout drink, and what ingredients are forever banned from the blade?
Acai Berries
These dark little berries are pumped with antioxidants.
A quick and easy morning muscle-builder with a kick.
This easy-to-prepare pasta dish will spice up the end of your day.
Beef up with a mouthwatering lean sirloin burger recipe from Candice Kumai.
Jamba Juice to give away free drinks August 6 from 9-11 a.m.
Greek Yogurt
There is a lot more to this probiotic powerhouse than meets the eye.