Drink Too Much At The Bar? Check Your Beer Mug

How much you drink could be altered by something as simple as the shape of the beer glass.

If you’re looking to pace yourself during a big night out, ask the bartender to put your next draft in a straight-edged glass instead of a curvy one—new research from the U.K. found that it may slow you down.

In the study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, it took volunteers 11 minutes to drink a half pint of beer from a glass with straight edges, as opposed to just seven minutes from one that’s curved (think: your typical flute or tulip-style glass).

Why the difference? The researchers think it might be partly due to optical illusion: When asked to guess how much beer was in a glass, people were fooled more often by the curvier cups. (In other words, you might assume you’re drinking more from a straight-edged glass, so you drink slower—and vice versa.)

These results are from a laboratory, so it’s hard to say whether swapping curvy for straight will help keep you in line the next time you go out for “a few” beers. But it’s certainly worth a shot… especially if you typically over-do it.

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