Could You Run Your Own Fitness Business?

Brad Woodgate, creator of the new reality series The Entrepreneur in Me, knows that you can—and he'll show you exactly how to get the job done.

Brad Woodgate believes he can make you a millionaire, maybe even a billionaire—and he wants to do it on national television.

Woodgate, the CEO of supplement-industry giant Wellnx, believes so strongly in his proposition—he developed a reality show concept called The Entrepreneur in Me (TEIM), a reality TV show about “finding the next great entrepreneurs”—that he’s handed over stewardship of Wellnx to his management team in order to funnel all of his time and energy into launching his ambitious dream project. Now he needs you.

“The idea,” Woodgate says, “is to give this opportunity of entrepreneurism to everyone in a unique way that hasn’t ever been done before on television.”

Woodgate knows two things better than most: entrepreneurship and the fitness industry. Along with his brother Derek, the Brampton, Ontario, native and former collegiate basketball player started Wellnx in his parents’ basement with less than $30,000 in start-up capital—essentially every dollar the brothers had ever saved. Beginning with a three-month sales trial in a few GNC stores in British Columbia,Canada, the Woodgates built Wellnx into an industry behemoth raking in $100 million in annual sales.

“We weren’t given anything,” Woodgate says. “We had no board of directors or any big list of contacts. The first two years were rough, really rough. We just didn’t take no for an answer.”

Knowing what it’s like to have a dream and work for it, Woodgate wants to create a platform for others to have a chance to realize theirs.

Learn more about The Entrepreneur in Me, or click for your chance to be featured on the show.



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