Could You Run Your Own Fitness Business?

Brad Woodgate, creator of the new reality series The Entrepreneur in Me, knows that you can—and he'll show you exactly how to get the job done.

The TEIM reality show concept took shape when Woodgate realized that existing business shows didn’t exactly describe the experiences he and Derek had gone through when founding Wellnx. “None of what I was seeing hit the mark when it came to entrepreneurship. Just giving people money or putting them through tests—I needed more than that when I was starting out.”

“I want to make this opportunity available to everyone—the way I learned it, the way I went through it—so people everywhere can aspire to be world business leaders instead of entertainers,” Woodgate says. His goal now is to get as many people as possible to see his TEIM reality concept and sign up to be on the show.

TEIM’s contestants will come from a variety of backgrounds, including potential entrepreneurs with existing ideas as well as those who want to learn to develop them. Each week, contestants will execute real-world tasks like writing business plans, creating package design, pitching to potential clients, and marketing. They’ll also learn to solicit investors, the same way Woodgate did when looking at options for capital with Wellnx.

“These are the real life experiences that we faced,” Woodgate says. “With this show, everyone will have the opportunity. There’s not going to be one person who’s ineligible to get on this show.

What we want to find out is who the next great entrepreneur is.  Who can do this at the top level in the world?”

Woodgate found the entrepreneur in himself. Question is, will he find one in you?

Think you've got what it takes to become the next great fitness entrepreneur? Sign up now for your chance to be featured on-air.




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