10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

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10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

It's good to be picky when you're buying a bike. Here's our list of drool-enducing two-wheeler favorites from 2012. The toughest part about your shopping experience: Choosing just one.

Trek Fuel Ex 8

The Trek Fuel Ex 8's do-it-all suspension capabilities make it ideal for singletrack obstacle-riddled terrain. The bike’s full-suspension system gives riders the precise suspension required to absorb every bump, while maintaining crucial speed. The DRCV fork has dual chambers that alternate, while the rear shock automatically adjusts its volume as needed. This allows riders to max out the use of Fuel Ex 8's 120 mms of travel for an effortless flow and smooth ride—especially when that rock jumps out of nowhere. ($2,730; trekbikes.com)


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