10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

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10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

It's good to be picky when you're buying a bike. Here's our list of drool-enducing two-wheeler favorites from 2012. The toughest part about your shopping experience: Choosing just one.

Raleigh Talus 29 Elite

The Raleigh Talus 29 Elite is the 29er that will spare your wallet and still perform. An excellent endurance rider, the 29 Elite displays surprising versatility and smoothness for a heavy (around 30 lbs) aluminum beast. The 29 Elite moves well on varied terrain but specializes in bearing loads on long cross-country rides, and the hardtail, though less absorbent than full-suspension, won’t lose power with each pedal stroke for a more efficient ride. But don’t expect to outpace your buddies on steep climbs or downhill bombs with this tank. ($1,750; raleighusa.com)


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