10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

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10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

It's good to be picky when you're buying a bike. Here's our list of drool-enducing two-wheeler favorites from 2012. The toughest part about your shopping experience: Choosing just one.

Ibis Mojo HD

Ibis’s long-traveling burly 26” Mojo HD is ideal for aggressive all-mountain riders who spend time on the lifts. Ibis’s dw-link suspension system, with 160 mm of rear-wheel travel (the frame will take forks with up to 180mm of travel), makes all-day trail riding a breeze, and the carbon monocoque frame (external skin bears the load) means the Mojo HD is superlight to boot. Bottom line: The HD crushes other bikes on climbs and downhills alike. It’s also Brian Lopes’ favorite ride: “I can ride pretty much anything I want to ride on that bike.” You’re not Lopes, but if you can’t ride it on the HD, you can’t ride it. ($2,500; ibiscycles.com)


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