10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

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10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

It's good to be picky when you're buying a bike. Here's our list of drool-enducing two-wheeler favorites from 2012. The toughest part about your shopping experience: Choosing just one.

Niner Jet 9 RDO

Niner is the sole 29er-only mountain bike company, so it’s fair to say they know the game. Case in point—the Jet 9 RDO (Race Day Optimized) Niner’s first carbon full-suspension frame that rides like a 26er—fun, agile, and lower-riding than most 29ers. Unlike most 29ers, it’s fleet enough to pick sweet lines on technical downhills, yet still steamrolls over logs on ascents. Its patented CVA (Constantly Varying Arc) suspension system is designed specifically for 29ers to isolate pedaling forces for efficient strokes in all three chainrings, good for outlasting your pals. (Frame and rear shock: $2,599; Complete bike from $4,748; ninerbikes.com)


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