10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

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10 Best Mountain Bikes of 2012

It's good to be picky when you're buying a bike. Here's our list of drool-enducing two-wheeler favorites from 2012. The toughest part about your shopping experience: Choosing just one.

Scott Genius 710

29ers devour bumps, but they can be cumbersome and unwieldy. 26ers are light and agile, but often can’t confront the sort of rock gardens 29ers blast through. Can’t decide? Enter the Scott Genius 710. Scott’s new bike, just released for 2013, utilizes a brand new wheel standard positioned at 27.5 inches—exactly halfway between a 26er and a 29er. The hybrid wheel size rolls over obstacles like a 29er but with the agility of a smaller wheel. That also reduces the travel limitations of big wheels to allow 150mm of full-suspension travel. Here’s to the demise of bipartisan riding. ($5,775; genius.scott-sports.com)


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