2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

Scoop up the hottest entertainment gifts—from the Batman Trilogy on Blu-ray to vintage concert t-shirts—for you, your girl or your best friend.
If the words 'chick flick' strike fear into your heart listen up. When it's time for movie night with your girl the Batman movies are the best way to compromise. With cool gadgets and fight scenes for you, romance for her, and plenty of action all around they'll keep you both on the edge of your seat. This limited edition Blu-ray box set includes all three movies in The Dark Knight Trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises. Hell, watch ‘em enough times and you might even perfect Christian Bale’s husky Batman voice. Who knows, maybe she’ll see it as a turn on. Roleplay, anyone? ($30; amazon.com)


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