2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

Scoop up the hottest entertainment gifts—from the Batman Trilogy on Blu-ray to vintage concert t-shirts—for you, your girl or your best friend.
To celebrate its 100th birthday, Universal Studios has put together what is most likely the greatest collection of game-changing classics ever assembled. With 25 of the most unforgettable movies ever released, along with bonus content like iconic soundtracks and commentary from some of the greatest minds in the industry, Universal has created the ultimate gift for the film aficionado in your life. Jaws, Back To The Future, The Breakfast Club, E.T., Animal House, Apollo 13, and Jurassic Park are just a few of our favorites that have been upgraded to beautiful Blu-ray video for this set, which is guaranteed to have friends and family debating heatedly over what to watch first. Our recommendation? Start at the beginning and enjoy the ride. ($245; amazon.com)


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