2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Food and Home

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Food and Home

Impress the foodies and homemakers in your life with our top gift picks.
Tired of waiting for your coffee-addicted friend to get out of the long line at Starbucks? Think about getting him the Starbucks Verismo 580, a Swiss-engineered, single-cup machine that brews Starbucks lattes, espresso and brewed coffee. Due to its high-pressured extraction capabilities, he can rest assured that his Verismo drink won’t taste like the watery, instant lattes you guzzle down at hotels. Similar to the Keurig, you place small, pod-like portion packs into the Verismo, and your coffee is brewed at the touch of a button. And with all the time he saves by brewing his fix at home, maybe he’ll show up on time once in a while.

($199; www.starbucksstore.com.)


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