2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Tech and Gadgets

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Tech and Gadgets

Make life easier—or just more fun—with these cool gifts for gamers, girlfriends and everyone in between.

The truth is that this latest universal-remote offering from Logitech packs in more features than you will likely ever use. The ones that you will use, however, will transform the way you perceive the media in your home. After setting up the device with the accompanying software and taking it for a spin, you will cease to view your media stack as a TV, cable box, Xbox, and Apple TV, but rather as a menu of experiences that you command with effortless swipes and taps on the vibrant, color touch screen of this intuitive and highly ergonomic controller. The virtual, scrolling channel guide with shortcuts to your favorite stations is enough alone to justify this bad boy.

($250; Logitech.com)


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