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Must-Have Gamer Tech for the New Year

These high-end tech picks were made with gamers in mind, but still deliver something for everyone.

Erazer X700 by Lenovo

On the fence about the next-gen consoles? The Erazer X700 from Lenovo is a beastly tower gaming PC that packs more power than either the PS4 for Xbox One, will get many of the same games, and breezes through anything you might ask of a regular PC. It’s liquid-cooled so you won’t hear a fan struggling to dissipate heat, even when you engage the push-button overclock for when you’re really pushing its limits. It’s housed in beautiful glossy black plastic with bright blue lights to accentuate its futuristic angled design, and comes with a gamer-friendly mouse and keyboard, both of which also glow blue when in use. Runs on Intel X79 extreme series processors with up to 2 terabytes of hard drive space, 12 GB of Ram, and an NVIDIA GeForce 660 Graphics card. Starting at about $1,000, the X700 is actually cheap for what it does, and puts the new consoles—and other hardcore gaming PCs—on notice. 

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