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Must-Have Gamer Tech for the New Year

These high-end tech picks were made with gamers in mind, but still deliver something for everyone.

Razer Blade Laptop

Everything your laptop can do, the Razer Blade can do better. That’s especially true when it comes to games, as the Blade was designed to hold up to the standards set by its bigger desktop brethren. The Blade boasts an Intel Quad Core Processor, an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, and 8GB of onboard memory—all of which work together to pump out pristine images at a lightning-fast frame rate to the 14” HD display. The Blade packs all that while also wearing the crown of the world’s thinnest gaming laptop at only 0.66” thick—with built-in stereo speakers and an HD webcam, to boot. It’s small enough to travel easy, so it’s the only laptop you need for work or play. A controller and/or gaming mouse are recommended accessories.

Starting at $1,800 at

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