New Tech and Gear You'll Want to Get Your Hands On

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New Tech and Gear You'll Want to Get Your Hands On

Our top 15 products-picks to prepare for all your outdoor adventures.
The Halo 28 is, in short, a revolutionary avalanche airbag. What sets it apart from literally every other pack is that it uses a rechargeable electronically controlled jet fan for inflation rather than a single-use compressed gas canister. That means it’s airline-friendly; it can be deployed multiple times in a single outing (which encourages field testing); and it performs a self-diagnosis every time you power up. Pull the chord in a slide, and a larger-than-average, 200-liter balloon inflates, helping you float high in the snow. It continues re-inflating for three minutes, then reverses direction and deflates, leaving you with a big air pocket if you’ve been buried.

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