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The Men's Fitness Guide to the Xbox One

Microsoft’s new game console shoots for the moon with an exciting array of new features. But did everything go according to plan? We’ve got the lowdown on whether the Xbox One deserves your hard-earned cash.


The Xbox One may be a work in progress, but it absolutely is progress, and reflects the way many people use video-game consoles today. Yes, it is a games machine, but moreover, it is an entertainment hub that gives you instant access to TV, games, and a number of entertainment apps, more seamlessly integrated on a big screen than they've ever been before. Of course, work needs to be done, and future updates—or lack thereof—that bring increased functionality to the Kinect are going to write the final history of the Xbox One. Today, at the start of the Xbox One’s life cycle, voice commands for cable boxes and smart TVs are not yet common, but they will be. Pretty soon, Microsoft is not going to be able to rope in consumers with novelty, and drawbacks like lackluster motion controls and a complete lack of DVR functionality will become issues that cripple the system if they’re not corrected.

But for now, the Xbox One is in a good place with a solid launch lineup. The much-anticipated Titanfall, coming in March, will only be available on Xbox One and PC, not PS4. Of course, there’s also a little game called Halo 5 that will be coming down the road, and even the most hesitant adopters will likely fall in line to be on the Master Chief’s first next-gen mission.

So how are you going to answer the ultimate question: PS4 or Xbox One? The only way to answer that is to think long and hard about how you’re going to be using your console. Do you want an entertainment hub, or more of a dedicated games machine? I don’t consider any of the caveats to either system to be true deal-breakers.

For those with the budget, the real question isn’t which one to buy, but which one to buy first. And thankfully, the answer to that question comes back to which games you feel you have to play right now.

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