Healthy Fast Food

Thinking of grabbing a greasy hamburger? Think again. We offer healthy alternatives to the worst fast food.

You’re hungry. You’re low on funds. And the only thing in your fridge is threatening to come back to life. Times like this call for a quick fix at your favorite fast food restaurant where you can load up on food that is both tasty and cheap. Unfortunately, tasty and cheap usually translates to high-calorie and fat—not to mention processed, fried and sodium-packed. But while it’s true that most items on a fast food menu will get you prepped to appear on the next Biggest Loser, there are a few options from America’s top chains that can be much kinder to your waistline and arteries. So if you're thinking of hitting the drive thru to grab one of these bloated menu items, think again and opt for one of our healthier menu-mate suggestions.


BURGER KING Worst Choice: Triple Whopper When Burger King says, “have it your way,” we’re not sure if they’re referring to this mountain of meat, or the massive coronary you’ll get after eating it. With three beef patties, two slices of cheese, and a slathering of mayo, this triple-decker can do some serious damage as it passes through your colon. Just give it time. Calories: 1140 (57% DV*) Fat: 75g (115% DV) Saturated Fat: 27g (135% DV) Carbohydrate: 51g (17% DV) Sodium: 1110mg (46% DV) Better Choice: BK Veggie Burger (no mayo) If eating animals, or getting obese, isn’t your thing, this low-fat, cholesterol-free veggie burger is the way to go. Calories: 310 (16% DV) Fat: 7g (11% DV) Saturated Fat: 1g (5% DV) Carbohydrate: 43g (14% DV) Sodium: 960mg (40% DV)


CARL'S JR. Worst Choice: Double Steakhouse Six-Dollar Burger Scarf down enough of these Six Dollar Burgers and you'd better have some money left for a quadruple bypass. Nothing ups your odds of a trip to the cardiologist quite like a beef, bacon, cheese, and onion ring concoction. It’s no wonder many tout this burger as the unhealthiest in America. Calories: 1120 (56% DV) Fat: 72g (111% DV) Saturated Fat: 26g (130% DV) Carbohydrate: 70g (23% DV) Sodium: 1910mg (80% DV) Better Choice: Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich With more breasts on their menu than even their TV ads, CJ’s got a host of low-fat chicken sandwiches from which to choose. This one ranks among the healthiest. Calories: 390 (20% DV) Fat: 7g (11% DV) Saturated Fat: 1.5g (8% DV) Carbohydrate: 50g (17% DV) Sodium: 990mg (41% DV)



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