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Climb Your Way to a Leaner, Healthier Body!

Challenge your body and mind, and torch fat with this adventurous pursuit.


In The Gym - Muscle Up for Climbing with These Moves

Hip Stretches
Tight hips won’t allow your legs to reach holds on the rock. Stretch your hip flexors, abductors, and adductors to keep your lower body limber.

Make sure you’re doing some horizontal pulling in every upperbody workout. Barbell rows, inverted rows, and suspended rows using a TRX are all helpful for developing upperback strength.

Finger Rolls
Hold a barbell in front of your thighs with your palms facing away from you. Let the bar roll down to your fingertips, then curl it back up with your fingers. Don’t move your wrists. Do three to four sets of 8–12 reps.



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