Must-Have Climbing Gear

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Must-Have Climbing Gear

Before hitting the trails, make sure you come prepared with this season's most practical outdoor equipment.

HoodWire Quickdraw ($19.95)

If you're comfortable enough with your climbing skills to venture into lead climbing (when you climb with a partner who attaches protection to the wall that you clip onto as you follow them up), it's important to have a lot of sturdy quickdraws to clip in smoothly as you climb. Hot-forged carabiners with a wiregate design are incredibly lightweight, durable and won't freeze or stick in winter conditions.

Our reviewer said: "The lighter design is a huge bonus and the different colored carabiners is a really nice way of making sure you attach the right side to the wall when you're pumped out and need to make the clip." (Attaching the wrong side of the quickdraw can mean scratching and damaging your rope, which is potentially dangerous for obvious reasons.)

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