The 5 Most Climbable Mountains in the U.S.

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The 5 Most Climbable Mountains in the U.S.

From rugged switchbacks to glacial peak ascents, here are America’s best trails—and how to get up them.

Dying to bag a mountain before the temps drop this fall? Better get on it: Accumulating snowpack at higher altitudes makes a safe traverse tough as winter gets closer. The good news: Squeezing in a 2013 climb isn’t impossible—as long as you've got the right technical gear, a mountaineering guide, and cooperative weather. But if you’re an adventurous hiker, you know summiting also requires much more energy than a simple walk in the woods.

So, with that in mind, we scoped out the United State’s mountains and selected these five to try—from a day climb up Hawaii’s tallest volcano to a three-week expedition on Denali’s snow-covered peak—all doable, but not for wimps. Have fun.

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