Novak Djokovic’s Top 10 Career Events

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Novak Djokovic’s Top 10 Career Events

We count down the most important moments in the tennis career of this month’s Men’s Fitness cover guy.

By the summer of 2011, it was clear that Djokovic was having a season for the ages. Most of the competition didn’t stand a chance, and even his Big Four adversaries (Federer, Nadal, and Murray) had a hard time keeping pace with him. In fact, Djokovic had a perfect season and 43-match win streak going all the way until June, when he lost to Rafa in the French Open semifinals. He bounced right back from the defeat by going deep into Wimbledon the next month. Djokovic officially snagged the top spot by toughing out Tsonga at the Wimbledon semifinal, 7–6, (7–4), 6–2, 6–7 (9-11), 6–3.


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