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10 Questions Dudes Forget to Ask Their Doctors

An MD educates us on exactly what you should be asking during your next visit.


5. Is my diet healthy?

Everyone has a different take on what defines a “healthy” diet—but what you eat lays the foundation for health down the road. Your doctor can weigh in on whether you eat out too much (or how to make smarter choices when ordering out) or if there are certain foods or nutrients you should be getting more of.

Why ask your doctor? Some bad eating habits won’t be picked up on tests (or won’t show until they’re a problem)—but those habits will catch up with you down the line, Khatri says. Small eating habit tweaks are often very fixable, but can have big long-term implications.

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6. Do I need to lose weight?

Weight is one of those topics people tend to “shovel under the rug” and not pay enough attention to, Khatri says—but it has everything to do with long-term health. Patients definitely can and should ask their doc for advice on weight-loss strategies that would be most likely to work based on other lifestyle factors. Ask for feedback on whether or not you’re getting enough exercise, and how to eat healthier.

7. Do I need to drink less?

Okay—you probably didn’t forget to ask this one… But, how much you drink (as well as smoking habits and drug use) definitely affects long-term health, and helps the doc determine your risk level for illness or complications. Being as truthful as possible helps the doctor better tailor your care to your needs, Khatri says. “And remember, it’s all confidential at the end of the day.”

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