8. Should I get the HPV vaccine?

No, it’s not just for girls anymore. The HPV vaccine is now recommended for guys up to age 21—as it’s been shown to help prevent anal cancer and genital warts in men, and researchers suspect it can prevent cancers of the mouth, throat, and penis as well. And for guys between ages 22 and 26, it’s recommended that the vaccine be considered for those with additional risks, such as men who have sex with men, men with compromised immune systems, or for those who were never vaccinated.

9. Should I be tested for STDs?

Still confidential—and when it comes to your doc, you can’t get too personal… Though often not talked about enough, your doctor should know about your sex life, Khatri says. Recommendations for STD testing vary depending on age, risk factors, how often you’re having sex, and who you’re having sex with. That’s why being upfront lets the doctor recommend what’s ideal for you.

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10. When do I need to come back?

Though many insurance plans cover the cost for an annual preventive exam with your primary care doc, if tests are normal and you’re generally healthy, coming back every two years or more may be OK. But if you have a strong family history of early heart disease or early cancer—or if you have high blood pressure—aim to see your doctor yearly to get those things checked out, Khatri says. “It depends on the individual and your risk factors.”

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