10 Ways to Kick Ass at Work

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10 Ways to Kick Ass at Work

Whether you’re a recent grad entering the workforce or a cubicle vet itching to break free from the daily grind, bank these success secrets from gang member-turned-multimillionaire entrepreneur Ryan Blair.

Time is probably the most important—yet easiest—sacrifice to make, so put in the hours necessary during key parts of your career. “In my 20s, I sacrificed hanging out with friends and going to parties to focus on work; I worked a minimum of 80 hours a week,” says Blair. “Now that I’m in my 30s, I still work 80 hours a week—but I get to attend more parties.”

Still, even when you’re just starting out, don’t neglect to carve out some time for yourself every now and then. Otherwise you’ll find yourself resenting your job—which can put you on the surefire path to burnout.


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