10 Ways to Kick Ass at Work

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10 Ways to Kick Ass at Work

Whether you’re a recent grad entering the workforce or a cubicle vet itching to break free from the daily grind, bank these success secrets from gang member-turned-multimillionaire entrepreneur Ryan Blair.

Figuring out what you love to do, and what drives you, can propel you in the right career direction. “If you take stock of the motives behind your decisions, each subsequent move will be more deliberate, directed, and effective,” says Blair. So ask yourself: Are you in a job simply because someone you know helped you get the interview? Did you accept it just for the paycheck? Or does your work make you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

Keep in mind that your motivation shouldn’t be circumstantial, as in “I lost my job, so I need a new one.” If you do that, you’re letting your circumstances control you, which can lead you straight to the daily grind. Instead, pick a driving force—like working independently, expressing your creativity, excelling at a skill you enjoy, helping others, even becoming wealthy—that gives you the upper hand over those circumstances and motivates you to make changes in spite of them.

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