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2008 Holiday Gift Guide

MF reveals the hottest products of the gift-giving season


Wilson K Factor Six-One Tour 90

The racquet of choice for tennis star Roger Federer, the Six-One Tour is consistent and stable, providing an exceptional amount of control for the more experienced players. Not quite ready for the tour? A better option for strong recreational players is the slightly lighter 95 version, which provides a larger frame and bigger sweet spot.

Perfect Pushup Original

Created by a former Navy SEAL, the Perfect Pushup utilizes rotating handles to engage more muscles than traditional pushups. The elevated grips allow for a deeper pushup, while reducing joint strain and injuries. The Perfect Pushup's steel and ABS plastic construction supports up to 300 pounds and comes with a DVD workout and training chart.

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

Bowflex's revolutionary space-saving concept reduces a 30-piece dumbbell set down to just two easy-to-store bars. The patented weight system allows you to effortlessly adjust each dumbbell from 5 to 52 pounds by simply rotating a dial to the desired weight. Specially made tumblers automatically fasten to the weight you want to lift, eliminating the need for old-fashioned clamps.


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