5 Reasons You Feel Like an Old Fart

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5 Reasons You Feel Like an Old Fart

All the things that make you look and feel older.

Maybe you remember when the floppy disk was the holder of all things important, or you still can’t believe that Karate Kid actor Ralph Macchio is just as old today as Mr. Miyagi was when the first film came out. Perhaps, you still don’t know either of these references. Whatever your age, there are some things that can make you feel old before your time. Corey B. Schuler, a certified and registered nutrition practitioner, says that when it comes to younger men, there’s more to feeling and looking old. Underlying causes like stress, too much sugar in the diet, sun exposure—and even listening to loud music—are some of the real culprits making you look and feel older than your actual age.

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