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Behind the Scenes with Matthew Fox

The "Alex Cross" star reveals just how tough his pre-movie workouts were. His goal? To look exactly like a psychotically fit serial killer would.

You know him as Dr. Jack Shephard on TV’s Lost, but we guarantee you’ve never seen him looking like this before. Actor Matthew Fox trained to near throw-up stage to get the bod of his character Picasso—a psychotically fit serial killer—in fall’s new hit movie Alex Cross.

Fox cranked out circuits non-stop for 80-90 minutes a day to look just right—shredded, but far from a gym rat. His circuits included a bunch of full body exercises, and he lost close to 40 lbs. We went behind the scenes of Men’s Fitness cover photo shoot to ask Fox for a rundown of just how badass his training program was. Check out the video, and then flip through the November issue of Men’s Fitness where the 46-year-old sets the record straight about his life, both on- and off-camera. 


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