Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

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Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

Maybe you got an unofficial bachelor’s degree in beer, but some colleges actually offer courses on drinking. Cheers to that. Here, six of the best.

Taking a full college course load and cramming for exams may seem like a drag, so much so that all you probably want to do at the end of the day is grab a drink. But what if…you could drink in class? (And no, we’re not talking about sneaking sips out of a flask in the back row of your lecture hall.)

Believe it or not, some schools actually offer courses on beers, wines, and whiskies, where you can literally drink and get credit for it. Now, all joking aside, tasting is certainly part of the courses—but students also learn about everything from brewing techniques and grape-growing to toasting etiquette and booze history.

So where can you find this magical world of alcohol education? Read on to find out—then get ready to file your transfer application.


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