Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

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Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

Maybe you got an unofficial bachelor’s degree in beer, but some colleges actually offer courses on drinking. Cheers to that. Here, six of the best.

Exploring Wines of the World

University of Central Florida-Orlando

UCF is the place to go to learn about wine. Located in the heart of Orlando tourism, the school’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management is the largest of its kind, and each week, students enrolled in its wine-exploring class taste six wines from regions around the globe, discussing grape varieties and food pairings as they go.

The course has been offered to students for the past eight years, but instructor Frank Juge has been teaching courses on the subject for much longer. In the 1970s, Juge made headlines with his “controversial” Science of Wine course in the chemistry department. Juge was accused of using wine to seduce students into science—an accusation he admits is partially true.


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