Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

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Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

Maybe you got an unofficial bachelor’s degree in beer, but some colleges actually offer courses on drinking. Cheers to that. Here, six of the best.

Wine Appreciation

Purdue University-West Lafayette, Indiana

Over the course of 15 semesters, Christian Butzke has taught more than 4,000 students about wine appreciation. Those enrolled in the class taste regional and international wines, and Butzke encourages them to “speak to the wine, ” which involves commenting on the aroma, color, and taste—while also comparing it to others to form a personal preference. Each wine evaluation ends with toasting, a skill Butze believes to be an important, socially-energizing aspect of wine enjoyment, and each semester students learn about the production process by visiting a winery of their choice. File under: Coolest. Field Trip. Ever.


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