Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

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Booze University: 6 Cool College Classes About Alcohol

Maybe you got an unofficial bachelor’s degree in beer, but some colleges actually offer courses on drinking. Cheers to that. Here, six of the best.

The Whisky Course

Algonquin College-Ontario, Canada

Just across the northern boarder, Algonquin College in Ontario offers a class on whisky. Although the emphasis is on Scotch whisky families, students also explore American bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and Canadian rye whisky, among others. Bonus: The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19, so if you’re under 21, this is the place to go. You’ll learn about the history and unique distillation practices of each area, while also getting schooled on how to recognize certain tastes and aromas (through tasting and sampling, of course).


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