5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

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5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

What do watches, dress shoes, and gas station sushi all have in common? You get what you pay for. Cars, on the other hand—well, sometimes you get a little more. And sometimes you get a lot. Whether it’s superior handling, bold design, or brute strength,
Too many “sports” cars on the road today are sacrificing performance for luxury. The BRZ is for the purist who wants to leave smoky tracks on the ground. The engine has been lowered and moved farther back in the frame than in any other Subaru model to attain the best possible center of gravity for tighter, more nimble handling. The engine, of course, is the main event; turn the key and you can feel the 200 horses beneath the hood champing at the bit. But they won’t eat you out of house and home: The BRZ automatic gets 25 miles per gallon in the city and 34 on the highway.


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