5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

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5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

What do watches, dress shoes, and gas station sushi all have in common? You get what you pay for. Cars, on the other hand—well, sometimes you get a little more. And sometimes you get a lot. Whether it’s superior handling, bold design, or brute strength,
This iconic firecracker is much more than a ’60s holdover. The Mini’s bulldog stance pushes its wheels way out to the corners of the chassis for increased agility around corners and a more spacious interior: with the rear seats down you can enjoy 23.3 cubic feet of cargo space — about as much as a typical sedan. Need more room, or just some fresh air? Take down the roof. The vehicle is engineered to maintain performance when you’re driving with the top down, meaning you can floor it just as viciously as you would otherwise — and with one-touch sport mode that unlocks quicker acceleration and snappier gear shifts, you won’t want to do anything less.


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