5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

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5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

What do watches, dress shoes, and gas station sushi all have in common? You get what you pay for. Cars, on the other hand—well, sometimes you get a little more. And sometimes you get a lot. Whether it’s superior handling, bold design, or brute strength,
Get ready to drive it like you stole it, because if you’re anything like us, when you hit the highway in the new Mazda 6 you won’t believe the deal you just scored. As the dealership disappears in your rearview mirror, you’ll realize that this is a true driver’s car. Equipped with a SKYACTIV 2.5-liter inline-4 powerhouse generating 170 horsepower and 167 pound-feet of torque, the 6 is unlike anything in its competitive set. Opt for the six-speed manual, as we did, and you’ll fall in love with driving all over again. Eliciting confidence on fast curves with responsive steering and power that’s there when you want it — and you will — this is an engaging, good-looking, and surprisingly affordable machine that’s capable of spirited runs and efficient fuel economy. And with the base model stripped of frills, you’ll have cash left over for rims and a stereo upgrade.


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