5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

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5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

What do watches, dress shoes, and gas station sushi all have in common? You get what you pay for. Cars, on the other hand—well, sometimes you get a little more. And sometimes you get a lot. Whether it’s superior handling, bold design, or brute strength,
It’s almost like the Ford Edge knows it’s better than similar-looking cars on the road. Just look at that smug grill. It knows it can seat five comfortably. And it’s just waiting for you to open the back to reveal nearly 70 glorious cubic feet of cargo space. It knows it can tow 3,500 pounds and, thanks to the rear-facing camera, that it looks good doing it. Going away for the weekend? Pshht, like it never thought of that: available Thule kayak and bike mounts make moving your gear a breeze. Yes, the Edge can play the rugged role, but it won’t be typecast; from leather seats to LED lighting (standard in the Limited and Sport models), this crossover, if we can call it that, is truly something else.


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