5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

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5 Getaway Cars: The Coolest Rides for a Low Price Tag

What do watches, dress shoes, and gas station sushi all have in common? You get what you pay for. Cars, on the other hand—well, sometimes you get a little more. And sometimes you get a lot. Whether it’s superior handling, bold design, or brute strength,
The original hot-hatch wunderkind is still top dog in its category. Flashing its 18-inch Detroit alloy wheels, riding on a long wheelbase, and sporting a badass, eat-the-street-for-breakfast scowl, the GTI is impressive inside and out. Dive into an on-ramp and you and your passenger will be stuck to the upholstery, thanks to the sport-inspired front seats. But there’s more to the new GTI than look and feel. Beneath the imposing exterior is an even more impressive DSG six-speed, dual-clutch, automatic transmission (optional) that delivers all the performance of a manual with the precision of an automatic and a more responsive ride than you’d expect.


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