6 Craziest Customized Harley-Davidsons

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6 Craziest Customized Harley-Davidsons

In honor of Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary we ride back in time to revisit the craziest customized bikes throughout their storied history.
This bike was designed for the movie Easy Rider to be ridden by Dennis Hopper. To trick out this iconic film prop, they extended and widened the forks on an FLH motorcycle, chromed the sliders, laced the wheels, and installed a short sissy bar, a custom-made seat, chrome fenders and headlight. Additionally they added staggered dual exhausts, a small-capacity custom gas tank, a chrome oil tank, engine side covers, a chain guard, and of course the custom paint scheme. Two identical bikes were created for filming, but one was destroyed and the other disappeared, so HD recreated the bike to put on display in the Harley-Davidson Museum.

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