Car Review: 2012 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

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Car Review: 2012 Toyota Tundra CrewMax

We whipped this pickup truck around the highways and sands of the dusty southwest. Check out what we liked and what we didn’t.

That’s the first thing you’re going to notice about this vehicle—it dwarfs any other pickup we’ve had the opportunity to drive. It comfortably seats four in the cabin with enough room in the cab for a weekend of rock climbing, jet skiing, and ATV-ing (which, coincidentally, is exactly what we did with it). It’ll easily tow between 9,000 and 10,400 pounds, depending on your cab size, and, unlike most pickups we’ve tested, the Tundra feels more like a sports car off the line. You can probably attribute it to the 5.7 liter, 381-horsepower, V-8 engine. But just as size is a strength, it could be a weakness—if you live in a city, this thing is going to be almost impossible to park.

Verdict: Thumps Up


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