Test Drive: 2012 Range Rover Evoque

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Test Drive: 2012 Range Rover Evoque

The well-appointed Range Rover Evoque may masquerade as a luxury vehicle when in the city, but it's tough enough to earn its sport utility stripes once it goes off road.
Not long ago, the concept of a luxury sport utility vehicle was an oxymoron: you could either have a 4x4 with a powerful engine and towing capacity, or something sleek and graceful with all the interior bells and whistles. But of course, you couldn't have both at the same time.

That is, until recently, when Range Rover entered the niche market dominated by brands like Lexus, BMW and Audi and introduced its Range Rover Evoque, a crossover that recently won the title of Motortrend's 2012 SUV of the year. It earned raves from reviews at the magazine—and across the board from testers—its superior performance and handling helping to justify the $44,000 to $54,000 sticker price (slightly higher than its closest competitors).

Check out exactly what makes this luxury crossover worth the test drive or a rental for your next getaway.


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